My first blog, my first post

This is pretty scary.

Fortunately, I have that agreement with my fears. I’ll be confronting them as i get aware of them.

Good guess, starting a blog it’s one of them. I’m a French Canadian from a little country village. I’ve been in the city for a while now but that fear of never being good enough in both English and my writing always stopped me. Now, it’s over. I’ll write and learn as i go. I’ve been writing all my life and except my close family, no ones know. What a shame right? I love to write.

I’ll be writing from now about different things like, my view on personal and professional events. I am a little bit of a philosopher as I been told, I’m assuming you’ll be seeing that. I definitely will share my bucket list events. This is the first idea i had just because i really enjoy following other people doing the same.

The trigger of this project is; The year of 2016.

It was real hard for all my being. After a long relationship i was left with next to nothing and it did crush a lot of myself. I started rebuilt my life and myself as the year passed by. I started overthinking on too much. I still do that too often. So what i decided instead is, for 2017, i will not worry about anything. I have so much to be grateful and i was poisoning myself with meaningless thoughts. I’ll talk about it a little in the future. In 2017, I’m looking forward for everything. That’s what I’ll be writing about. As i learn and experience you’ll be there and i know you’ll be teaching me a lot.

I want to keep this short. I’ll end this here. Like we say in french; À la prochaine!

Au plaisir,